Whether your event is being held outdoor or in a tent Chandeliers will bring a classy touch to your event.

Decoration & Enhancement lighting

Architectural, Ballroom and Tent Lighting

Whether your event is being held outdoor in a tent or ballroom, your reception area will be fully illuminated in the colors of your choice.  A complete wash of the walls, ceiling or tent canopy will transform your space into a canvas of light.

Textured Projections

Adding a textured projection to your event is the best way to give your room that little something extra that truly goes a long way.  If you’re looking for a way to bring your event to the next level, setting it apart from all the rest, this is it!

Exterior/Landscape Lighting

Architectural lighting of your venue will enhance the exterior in order to draw attention and add drama to your location. Whether it be highlighting the detail of your historical venue, the landscape of your tented event, or your home, outdoor lighting will impress all.  

Garlands & Rope lighting

Garland & Rope lighting will bring  a subtile touch of light to your event in areas for your cocktail or ceremony. Rope lighting is used for decoration but also for safety or to show a pathway.


Pin spot lighting onto your tablescapes enhance existing floral or other centerpieces.  Dappled light beams cascading across the table will bring attention to your table decor and provide your guests with a little extra light. Pin spot lighting can also be used to highlight your wedding cake, candy bar, food stations, bars, etc.